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Bio-NMR Core Technology Center / UCLA-DOE NMR Core Technology Center

The UCLA-DOE Biosciences NMR Core Facility services the UCLA community’s biomolecular NMR needs. We offer access to high-field NMR instrumentation, training and assistance in experimental setup, and informal assistance with spectral processing and analysis.

The purpose of the UCLA-DOE Biosciences NMR core facility is to serve users who need long blocks of time (days or longer) to look at biological problems such as structure determination, ligand binding, dynamics, etc. This not a general chemistry NMR facility. For users who wish to run basic NMR experiments which can be run in a few hours or less, please visit the MIC NMR facility.

The instrumentation consists of three Bruker NMR spectrometers: one 500 MHz, one 600 MHz, and one 800 MHz spectrometer, all with cryoprobes.